Medellin Intelligent Mobility System

Customer: Medellin Transit Department.
Start: 2006
Inhabitants: 3.5 millions

In 2006 Medellin Municipality (Transportation and Transit Department) started a project where Quipux, in agreement with UNE, updated and optimized services provided by the Transportation and Transit Department.

The solution included the use of transit intelligence systems such as photodetection cameras, public transportation control systems, and a modern service operation center for monitoring all the components.


  • 18% decrease of accidents during 2012 at sites near photodetection cameras.
  • Assistance response to accidents decreased 37%.
  • In relation to social networks, Twitter of Medellin Transportation and Transit Department was seen as the most influential means of the country as a public entity, and an average of 30 daily contacts with citizens are reached.
  • Pedestrians’ right to mobility has been restored.

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Medellin Intelligent Mobility System

Medellín is the first city in Colombia having a Transit Control Center which allows improving mobility through several technological devices.

IDB Recognition

IDB chose Medellín as an exemplary city in Latin America due to the implementation of information systems such as Web 2.0 and Information Panels that, in line with the “Public Transportation Control system, allow citizens to make intelligent decisions on the roads and move in an urban sustainable transportation means.
Medellín experience with the Intelligent Mobility System would be used in several countries members of the Inter-American Development Bank, as a successful case for improving standard of living in Latin American cities.

Progress made with respect to mobility and optimization of transportation in Medellín has resulted in several recognitions for the city:

  • Medellín was chosen by IBM as one of the top 100 cities worldwide winning the Intelligent Cities initiative award (Smarter Cities Challenge). Read more…
  • For promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation projects, Medellín has been awarded the International award “Sustainable Transport Award 2012.” Read more…
  • Cities for Mobilities, an international organization devoted to public transportation analysis in cities worldwide, awarded Medellin a prize for being a city with exemplary mobility strategies. Read more…