Accident Registration
and Hearing Process Support

We make registry easier, in difficult situations

Our Accident Registration platform allows for the registration of accidents occurred on public roads, relating vehicles, victims, witnesses, roads involved and their status.

How is it easier?

  • By making possible the follow-up of the legal process and delivery of statistical reports, which facilitates access to information that determines the points and times of greatest accident rates and types of accidents.
  • Accessing information on accidents on the roads in order to define strategies to reduce them.

We also support Hearing Processes

This solution allows officers to manage hearings for accident and drunkenness processes, it has digital information stored in the files and provides the possibility of creating minutes, rulings and resolutions generated during the process.


Easier management of information related to an audience.

Quick access to an audience’s traceability.

Less time holding a hearing and generating a ruling.

Connection and migration of information to our in-house software.

Immediate recording and printing of the decision.

Easier completion of the procedure for the citizen.

Increased productivity and competitiveness of the public administration through IT.

Security and availability of digital information.

Management of a file’s evidence.

Less time between the request for a hearing and its completion.

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