Director operates in the cloud, allowing you to interact throughout the day on a constant basis with the databases!

Director is a service that analyzes data from each operation, for monitoring and to make predictions about behavioral patterns and generate alerts and metrics for timely management of critical project processes.

It has modules that allow you to consult, transform and export information without requiring human intervention, transforming these actions into autonomous processes.

To take immediate action, Director sends alerts through


Own dashboards

Director helps you provide the best service thanks to multiple components

  • Indicators and statistics that make it possible to analyze the performance of the operation over a range of dates.
  • Indicators and statistics, with permanent updating, that allow you to analyze the information of what happens in the operation during the day.
  • Alerts on processes that require attention during the day, such as: long attention times, front desks with low or high demand, counter activation requirements, among others.


Decisions can be made, in an agile and informed manner, based on the information provided by the programmed alerts.

It is possible to observe and analyze updated information on the behavior of the operation, the employees, identify priority procedures, and optimize citizen service.

Transforms manual processes* into automatic processes with autonomous control.

Director's Functionalities

  • Monitors platforms, servers, and services.

  • Allows to consult and consolidate information in BI dashboards.

  • Monitors the citizen service process at front desk and allows to take actions to adjust the service process with real time information.

  • Detects the statute of limitations of traffic violations through the use of predictive and probabilistic models, that allow implementing actions to avoid the expiration of the fine.

  • Monitor photodetection cameras.

  • Performs the monitoring of the SLAs of the operations procedures.

  • Determines when analytical processes are executed. Generates alerts and reschedules actions in case of failure.

  • Autonomous consolidation of information for campaigns.

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