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Our digital channel, Movilidad en Línea in Medellín, is surpassing the busiest headquarter in the city in payment agreements collections

Medellin’s Intelligent Mobility System (SIMM) helped the city become the most innovative city in the world in 2013 (The Wall Street Journal y Citigroup).
Since its implementation in 2010, Medellín has had various accomplishments thanks to the technological and cultural evolution offered by the system.

+ 62,355,868

pages were visited within the platform

+ 5,695,000

users logged into the platform


average time spent by citizens on the platform

4 out of every 1,000

vehicles commit a fine, formerly 24 out of every 1,000

Devices from which users access the platform







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What is it?

Digital Services allows citizens to access procedures and services related to vehicles, infractions, consultations, online payments, alerts and appointment scheduling.
In this way, timely information is provided to keep documents up to date, avoid penalties and take advantage of the benefits and discounts established by law, optimizing time and travel in the management of procedures.


Optimize waiting and travel times

Expedite the filing of requested procedures

Support to keep documents up to date and avoid penalties

Optimize the steps for requesting and carrying out a process

Serves as a guide to access Mobility procedures and services.

Improve citizen interaction with Public Administration

Virtual consolidation of the interactions that people have with Mobility procedures and services.

Receive virtual advice and support while navigating through the portal.

Avoid losing benefits established by law to which one could have access, for example, the payment of fines with discounts

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