Auto Parts Tracker

Platform that supports the management and control of unserviceable vehicles, as well as the destination of their parts and pieces.

It also controls the process from the accreditation of companies operating in the vehicle dismantling sector, through the registration and monitoring of the operations of the companies in this sector to the purchase of whole parts or parts by the citizen in authorized resales.

This platform allows

  • Loading of the inventory of spare parts by the companies.
  • Registration of cancelled vehicles authorized to be dismantled.
  • Registration of vehicles entering the dismantling plant.
  • Registration of spare parts obtained from dismantled vehicles.
  • Request, purchase, and registration of assigned labels.
  • Registration of spare parts movement.
  • Registration of spare parts sales.
  • Consultation of traceability of parts for citizens and control.


Allows the authority to regulate and control dismantling, retail, repair, and recycling companies.

Controls the movement of inventory parts from accredited companies.

Allows to determine the origin of the auto parts, providing the control and use of the parts in the vehicles.

Monitoring and control of the quality and legality of the parts.

Control and recording of transactions for the sale of parts.

Decrease in the black market for auto parts and smuggling of used spare parts.

Reduction in vehicle theft crimes.


25% reduction in thefts and robberies in the state of São Paulo.

Formalization of the auto parts industry in the State of São Paulo.

Payment of taxes on the sale of parts and the auction of vehicles.

Creation of popular insurance.

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