Motor Vehicle Registrations

Creation of a reliable registry with the information of each vehicle, that allows the control of its characteristics and condition.

This registry contains information related to the vehicle and its owners, the history of the procedures carried out, and document support.

This platform allows you to manage procedures such as

  • Initial vehicle registration
  • Change of vehicle ownership
  • Change of vehicle characteristics
  • Certificates
  • Legal status of the vehicle


Administration of all the information of the automotive registry.

Registration and identification of vehicles guaranteeing legal certainty of ownership rights.

Permanent availability of information.

Control of data and historical information related to the vehicle

Unification of automotive registry information.

Integration with national traffic databases.

Alignment with current legal regulations.
Other types of registration

Driver registration

Identification for greater security

It allows to have an effective control of the people who are authorized to drive vehicles, with information on the whole process of obtaining their driving license and, in general, on their behavior on the road.

Public Transportation Registration

A safer service

Control and integrate all transportation companies, related vehicles, and the transportation capacity of each one of them.

Register of Infringers

Strengthening citizen culture

Solutions that strengthen authority when enforcing traffic regulations and support the application of due legal process, to generate pedagogy and promote road safety education.

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