Tax Collection

Platform that allows governments to efficiently collect vehicle taxes.

Our goal with this solution is to strengthen taxpayer services, where all citizens who have vehicles registered with their name can pay vehicle tax and also generate the payment receipt in a fast, simple and secure manner throughout a digital platform.


Strengthening of citizen services with the expansion of settlement and payment channels.

Decongestion of physical payment points

Self-management of tax payment by citizens.

Improve collection effectiveness

This platforms can have an integrated service with

Digital Marketing and Communications

Since 2020, more than 3.703.585 people have logged on to the platform and have visited more than 42.248.973 internal pages.

Management of persuasive and coercive collection

In 2021, we had 93.33% of messages sent correctly via email and SMS

Chatbot conversation assiatant on smartphone

Virtual Assistant – CIVii

Since 2020, there have been more than 219,482 total messages, 115,509 conversations with citizens, and 1.94 messages per conversation.

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