Fines Collection

We connect our country’s traffic fines system

We connect all transit authorities of all cities in Colombia, and created a compensation system that distributes money to each city and pays a value per transaction to the operator.

This platform integrates the control and payment of fines in more than 500 cities in Colombia, centralizing databases, integrating the financial sector, local traffic registries, and allowing the automatic clearing of collections.

Our impact with this platform

With Simit we seek to empower the municipalities in their capacity to enforce the norm, thus achieving an integral development for the country from each region.

+70 million

messages delivered to citizens through different channels.

+ 6 million

citizens have viewed the digital campaigns, and more than 1.5 million have clicked to enter the platform.


Transit Departments have been impacted.

Our solution has a series of components that provide citizens with an agile platform that meets their expectations in terms of Mobility procedures and processes.

  • Allows payment of fines
  • Bank correspondents
  • Digital Services for Citizens
  • Citizen App
  • Payment agreements
  • PQRSD Management
  • Self-management kiosks
  • Handheld devices
  • Digital Backoffice
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Single national helpline
  • Interoperability

Want to know more?

We created an App taking into account that more and more people are accessing Simit from their smartphone

From our App you can...

Consult the account statement, alert generation, pay fines and make payment agreement installments, generate settlement with barcode, and search points of interest.


We support the strengthening of authority!

With the electronic capture devices, traffic agents can register a traffic violation using the interoperability with RUNT and SIMIT, through the license plate and the infringer's identification number... All in less than 5 minutes!

More than 71 Transit Departments use this application, and have securely registered more than 40,748 traffic tickets.

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