Control of Public
Transportation Service

The solution’s main goal is: Improve the quality of the public transportation service.

It supports the authority to carry out the monitoring and control of the services of collective and individual public transport vehicles.


We do this with the help of two platforms

A platform for entities…

To collect, interpret and process information coming from the public transportation companies and from devices incorporated inside the vehicles in order to monitor and control in real time the behavior of public transportation drivers.

A platform for public transportation drivers…

To consolidate the drivers’ information and link them to their respective vehicles in order to validate their compliance with the established requirements.

More than 6,000 vehicles supervised

It allows for real-time monitoring and control of the behavior of public transportation drivers, analyzing variables such as: speed, route changes, driving with open doors, drop-on drop-off schedule, exceeding transport capacity, among others.

This is how we help citizens and entities

Benefits for the entity

  • Access to real-time information on public transportation performance to enable decision-making to improve service delivery.
  • Efficient mobility management.
  • Accident reduction.
  • Reduction in commuting times and increase in productivity.
  • Promote the use of public transportation.

Benefits for the citizen

  • Improvement of the quality of the public transportation services.
  • Access to safe public transportation.
  • Accessing information about buses itinerary and schedule.

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