Traffic Fines

Generate a citizen culture towards the care of life, improving the behavior of drivers, reducing accidents, and improving mobility.

A system that supports the management of traffic agents or police officers on the road, it uses handheld devices to carry out online transactions in local and national databases to support enforcement, and integrate the services that require the intervention of the authority.

The Solution’s Scope

Services and technological platforms unit, which centralizes and integrates the operational experience, the use and integration of technologies, the optimization of processes through dematerialization, automation, analytics, the capabilities of professionals, permanent analysis of citizen, city and operational data, using artificial intelligence and supporting the processes of control, assurance of the violation process and collection.

Processing of traffic fines with

Handheld devices

ITS – Electronic detection

Control of public transportation


Decrease in the accident rate by monitoring the behavior of citizens on the road in order to implement actions.

Improved efficiency in the control, monitoring and inspection of infringers for non-compliance with traffic regulations.

Support to the Authority in traffic control functions.

Monitoring of vehicle document expiration dates.


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