The Quipu...

Is an instrument used by the Incas.

If we go further, we will find that the quipu can be considered as a three-dimensional notation system in which a set of ordered marks or traces, allows preserving and transferring a knowledge or fact throughout several generations; in this way, each knot, color and twist served in parallel to enrich the culture of more than 12 million inhabitants.

Andean culture matrix element


As a company whose operation is based on the collection of information and data, Quipux incorporates in its DNA the purpose of ancient Quipus – storing and transferring through elaborate instruments – to give its name to the organization.

It should be noted that the quipus were present throughout the Inca empire and in each city there was a person in charge, quipucamayoc, of manufacturing them with a specific message so that in the destination city another person could interpret it and disseminate the information.


Our history redefines simplicity and sustainability in cities

In more than 20 years, we have managed to be protagonists of change in cities through intelligent solutions that improve people’s quality of life and enable a more sustainable and pleasant mobility. The north towards digital transformation continues to be visible throughout the years, due to our sense of adaptability, a committed team and the fact that we believe in challenging ourselves every day to continue doing what we love.

  • Our first clients

    Our first clients

    We were born as a software development company specialized in the field of transit. Our first clients were the municipalities of Rionegro, Ciudad Bolívar and Itagüí. And later, Envigado.

  • Ciudad de Bogotá


    We took on the challenge of responding to the systematization of processes in Bogota, the largest transit authority in Colombia.

  • Ciudad de Cali


    We continue to create solutions that impact citizen service and improve efficiency in the provision of services by transit and transportation entities. We start our operation in the Cali transit authority.

  • plataforma de impuestos antioquia


    Alliance with Emtelco (now UNE) that placed ambitious projects such as the modernization of services under the responsibility of the Secretary of Mobility of Medellín and vehicle taxes with the Government of Antioquia.

  • simit-platform


    We began the implementation of the software solution for traffic records at the Secretariat of Mobility of Medellín and the development and implementation of the Integrated System of Traffic Violation Fines (SIMIT).


  • RUNT


    We participated in the software architecture of RUNT, the first project in Latin America to have a single database with 11 traffic records.

  • Movilidad en linea


    In partnership with UNE, we developed the Medellín Intelligent Mobility System. This project set a precedent in the history of transit and transportation in Colombia: inclusion of technologies for mobility control, decentralization of offices and mobile service units.

  • auto part


    We opened offices in Sao Paulo to centralize the transit services offered in Brazil and begin to develop our CODEV project.

  • woman pointing at screen


    Quipux starts projects in Quebec, Canada in partnership with the transit agency AQTr.

  • woman on a bus


    We launched our digital citizen services project in Medellín, a platform called Movilidad en Línea of the Secretary of Mobility of Medellín, to carry out traffic formalities virtually. A city milestone!

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